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Buy 2Fdck Online HCL

Buy 2FDCK online also called 2-fluorodeschloroketamine, or ‘2F-ketamine is a dissociative tripping agent. This means that a person who uses it feels that body and mind are separate. The drug has been on the US drug market since 2016. This is only short, and these types of substances are therefore also called NPS (new psychoactive substances). It is probably as addictive and bad for the bladder as ketamine . Nothing else is known about the risks.

No research into 2FDCK buy usa has yet been done on humans. But there are people who have used it and write about this experience on the internet. This means there is still some information about 2-FDCK. This is not always reliable information. For example, there is often a lack of information about whether the person has also used other substances, or how much someone has taken. 2-FDCK is sometimes sold as a replacement for ketamine. As a substance, 2FDCK for sale is very similar to ketamine. Some risks and effects are probably comparable, but little is known about this yet. However, a study in mice1 shows that it is probably as addictive as ketamine.

2Fdck For Sale – Buy 2Fdck Online

2-Fluorodeschloroketamine is a dissociative anesthetic related to ketamine. Its sale and use as a designer drug has been reported in various countries. It is an analogue of ketamine where the chlorine group has been replaced by fluorine.

Nothing is known about how many people in the Netherlands use 2-FDCK. But the number of people using it is probably very small. This applies to most NPS.

2-FDCK was first found on the European drug market in 2016. It doesn’t seem like it has become popular anywhere in Europe.

2FDCK buy usa is a dissociative tripping agent. It therefore belongs to the same group as ketamine and nitrous oxide . The effects may therefore resemble those of other substances from this group. In general, these types of substances cause someone who uses them to feel as if their body and mind are separate. This person’s sense of time and space may also be disturbed. These drugs also often ensure that a person feels less pain and that movement becomes difficult or impossible. This can make someone more likely to fall or injure themselves.  

People who buy 2FDCK online usa and write about their experiences on the Internet say: 

  • 2-FDCK is very similar to ketamine but works a little longer. It also takes longer for a person to notice the effects after ingestion.
  • The drug appears to be stronger than ketamine, people who use it take less for the same effect. This is unclear, because people write online that they need more than ketamine. But expert descriptions say that 2-FDCK is stronger than ketamine. 
  • There are people who snort 2-FDCK. But it can also be swallowed. Swallowing works very poorly with ketamine. 

Virtually nothing is known about 2FDCK for sale and that can be dangerous. For example, it is not clear what a dangerous amount is to take. It is also not known whether it can be life-threatening in combination with other drugs or medication.  

Some risks can probably be compared to those of ketamine. There are people who wrote about their experience with 2-FDCK on the internet and said that they experienced problems with their bladder and kidneys. This is a known risk of ketamine . Someone can experience a k-hole from 2FDCK. This can be a very frightening experience. 2-FDCK is also probably as addictive as ketamine. 

A study in mice shows that 2FDCK usa is probably as addictive as ketamine. A person can become mentally addicted to ketamine. This means that the person experiences a lot of ‘ craving ‘ and feels bad if he or she does not use.  


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